In 1933 a small group of winegrowers decided to found the Cantina Sociale di Cesena where they consigned their entire production. 

They were few and they produced about 10.000 hectolitres of wine. Nowadays, this winery counts 750 associated winegrowers producing about 60.000 hectolitres of wine.

Most of the vineyards are located in the hilly region around Cesena: for this reason the wines produced are DOC and DOCG wines (Sangiovese, Trebbiano and Albana respectively).

It is important to underline that the winery collects only those grapes coming from its associated winegrowers which are obliged to consign all their production. The treatment of grapes and wine is carried out following up-to-date winemaking techniques and methodologies in high technology plants in order to assure an excellent quality product.

The winery, covering an area of 21.603 square metres, has modern plants and equipments, for an advanced vinification, bottling lines and a total stock capacity of over 83.727 hectolitres. 

The commitment of the managing staff is the steady research of new vinification techniques able to assure increasingly high quality products. 

The wine commercialized with the brand "Tenuta Amalia" is obtained using the grapes produced by the winery of the same name, and aged in oak barrels in its cellar located at Villa Verucchio.